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Everything around him was blown to pieces, yet he escaped without a scratch. Takayuki and Evan had three children. Does your dog bark at her? Granting that he was drunk, his conduct cannot be excused. Two ice creams, please. Did you buy this for them? It was a very hard training. Lou lives in a small town not too far from Boston. I know where Dalton was born. As far as I can tell, Sanand isn't lying.

Please stay out of this. Are you lucky? I filled the pail with water. Consciousness is a precondition of being. If you are interested, let us meet again tomorrow.

You are hot! Try to stay objective. Democracy originated in Ancient Greece, but where did phallocracy come from? Our new car is not very big.

You probably already knew that. He grieved over his failures. I learned it from him. The prime minister directly confronted the challenges of his political opponents.

Is that French? I'm excited to go back to Boston. Now get lost. I know how to handle it.

I never wash the dishes unless I'm told to. That trio has already put out five albums.

Collin doesn't know that Aimee is in love with him. He was smiling as if nothing had happened to him.

The submarine had to break through a thin sheet of ice to surface. It was so embarrassing.

Is that going to be a problem? I want what you want. Religion played a very important role in creating the various calendars still in use. Many soldiers suffered terrible wounds in the battle. I am a radio ham. His loss of memory is a psychological problem rather than a physical one. I thought you were staying at Courtney's. He thinks that you need to sleep more.

She picked up a coin. There's a little bitch about Tao. It's for her mobile phone. Bring her along. Merril used to play with dolls. I'm in pain.

You can add sentences that you do not know how to translate. Perhaps someone else will know.